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The Ultimate AI-Powered Job Prep Assistant.

Raise up your career possibilities.

Our AI assistant guides you through the process of creating a standout resume. Sign up today and discover your potential.

Get Comprehensive Analysis.


Committed to excellence



Whether starting from scratch or upgrading your existing resume, optimize your first impression with ATS (Applicant Tracking System) format support, diverse design templates, AI writing support, and more.


Feedback & Analysis

Receive instant, AI-driven feedback to refine your resume.


Job Match

Align your resume with the specific requirements of your targeted company's job description, ensuring a perfect fit.


Cover Letter

Make a memorable first impression with our AI-assisted cover letters, tailored to complement your resume and highlight your unique qualifications.


About our Business

At Res:Up, we're redefining career advancement with our state-of-the-art Resume Builder, powered by cutting-edge AI technology. Our mission is to empower your professional journey by optimizing and personalizing the resume and cover letter creation process. With features like AI-driven feedback, job match analysis, and ATS compatibility, we ensure your application not only stands out but also perfectly aligns with your career aspirations. Dive into the future of job applications with Res:Up, where every resume is a step closer to your dream job.


Why choose us?

Personalized AI assistant

Our platform is at the forefront of technology, integrating advanced AI to provide insights and enhancements personalized for your needs and data.

ATS Optimization

Not only help your resume stand out to humans but also to Applicant Tracking Systems to make sure your resume is optimized for non-human screening.

Precision Analysis & Job match

Through Res:Up, a holistic career support, you gain more than just a resume builder; you access a comprehensive analysis and targeted feedback towards your career aspiration.

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Select your plan

  • Download in multiple formats (PDF and DOCX).

  • Unlimited customization.

  • Unlimited resume creation.

  • Cancel anytime.

19.95$ / month
  • Download in multiple formats (PDF and DOCX).

  • Unlimited customization.

  • Unlimited resume creation.

  • Cancel anytime.

*First 7-days trial at $1.5 will be automatically applied. After 7 days, billed 19.95 monthly.

69.5$ / year
  • Unlimited access to all features and future updates.

  • Cancel anytime.

*Save $169.9 by paying annually. Your account will auto-renew each year.

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